Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Employee Benefits Program Service

An Employee Benefits Program does not have to be as much of an emotional issue for a company as it usually is.  With the rising cost of health care and associated supplemental plans, creativity is the order of the day.  More surprising is the fact that employees are becoming more and more educated and becoming better consumers in dealing with their own benefits as well.  This is primarily due to the nature of the business as well as the availability of educational information via the Internet.

Benefits can be a critical issue when it comes to retention of existing employees or even attracting new ones.  Flexibility and choice are two key attributes that help companies place part of the responsibility back onto the employee, allowing them to become better consumers in the process.

RGB Services will lead a program to review existing benefit plans, conduct Comparison Analysis and then work to restructure parts or the entire program to meet the needs of both the company and its employees.  The goal:  reduce the overall cost to the company while improving the benefit plan coverage elements.