Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Newly Hired Employees Orientation

The major cause of the attrition of newly hired employees is a poor orientation and integration process.  The Orientation Process doesn’t need to be complicated but it does need to be thorough.  It needs to address the items that are deemed most important to your new employees. RGB Services will design and implement such a process, training those individuals in your organization who normally participate (or should) in the process.

Such information may include the basic or fundamental policies that all employees need to be aware of and would be included in the company’s Employee Handbook.  Remember, new employees “don’t know what they don’t know,” so asking questions is particularly difficult for them.  As such, the ideal orientation takes the guesswork out of this and hits the key elements of what all employees need to know or be aware of and presents them.  The Employee Handbook is a key document to provide basic information about safety, paychecks/paystubs, smoking policies, open door policies, parking, hours of business and access outside of normal hours, etc.  In can also spell out more complicated issues specific to the business and handling of certain situations.