Saturday, February 24, 2018
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“Sharing is the essence of teaching”

Author:  Bill Moyers

Sharing with your associates is important.  Like the reference of teaching someone to fish to be able to feed himself or herself, so too is sharing what we do and how to do it.  It’s another important differentiating feature for us.

In a case where RGB Services is supplying managerial coverage until a full-time replacement is in place, we will provide the orientation and training for the new person as well as continuing mentoring until the integration is complete.

Training isn’t limited to replacement orientation.  In nearly every new process or program, training is involved in the success of the implementation.  It’s important.

Most companies, for some reason, don’t see any need for a company-wide Mentoring process.  It’s hard to believe when considering some of the top reasons for new employees to fail in an organization and how a simple mentoring program could have addressed those reasons.  RGB Services will assist in implementing a solid mentoring program for not only new employees, but employees that change assignments, departments or locations.